The Value of Leadership

“The intent or value in all leadership activities is to engage and leverage human creativity and achievement to accomplish a goal.”

With regards to business: “That goal is: improving all business activities necessary to achieve key business objectives; PSQDCE.” (People, Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost or Profit, and Environment).

Lead to Develop People

Great leaders spend the majority of their time developing people to achieve great results. They challenge their teams to attain high standards in strategic thinking, communicating with and enrolling team members in organizational goals and objectives, deploying key tactical activities, and recognizing personal and professional growth. The results they attain are based on a team approach where every member’s voice is heard and critically analyzed for needed input and value. Honestly considering the thoughts and ideas of others demonstrates an openness and interest to listen to team members. It lets them know their education, experience, and creativity are important and valued in organizational decisions and actions.

Learn to lead in a way that maximizes the Creative Benefit in your organization. Spend time daily on the floor with your people checking in with them, supporting them, and coaching them. Your people will be more engaged, energetic, and successful when you lead by taking these simple steps.