Scott Simmons

Scott Simmons currently works with his wife Julie as part of the Scott Wade Simmons & Associates, LLC. They provide executive coaching, training, and consulting services to local area business leaders. Their experience, guidance, and support help leaders improve business metrics, engage team members, and develop and advance business visions and strategies.

Scott has over 32 years of leadership and management experience in a variety of diverse technical roles and product markets, including: performance optics, machine tools, shipbuilding, nuclear energy, equipment fabrication, military and aerospace. After years of experience and learning in these roles, Scott believes the real work of a leader is to teach, develop, and equip people to handle complex challenges while creating an environment where people thrive.

Scott’s personal leadership intention is “To serve others graciously, develop others patiently, recognize others daily, challenge others for their highest creativity, while striving urgently for excellence.” His leadership intention frames Scott’s working relationship with others.

Scott supported the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) as the West Regional Director for Oregon from 2005 to 2015. His leadership strengthened the Pacific NW’s manufacturing industries by developing business improvement skills across the region. Scott volunteered by facilitating AME events in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington as member of AME’s West Region Board of Directors and has presented at AME’s annual international Conference. Scott provides Business Improvement training to area organizations upon request.

Scott is a lifelong archer, hunter, bicyclist and motorcycle enthusiast having begun these pursuits as a teenager. In his spare time he enjoys working on the house, spending time with his children and granddaughters, and traveling the world with his wife.

Founder, Scott Wade Simmons & Associates, LLC


P:  (503) 341-3134