= Challenged • Creative • Valued


Scott Wade Simmons & Associates, LLC was formed in 2017 when it began supporting the Portland Metro area with leader development, business improvement coaching, and lean training and expertise.  Our primary focus is helping leaders maximize the Creative Benefit in their organizations by focusing on operational excellence. 

We believe every human being needs to be Challenged, Creative, and Valued, (C2V) and great leaders use transformational challenges to engage their people.  By challenging their organization, leaders demonstrate respect, smart business management practices, and increase the value of individuals and the organization while striving to achieve the vision.


Scott and Julie Simmons have been involved in leading and working with Portland area companies for over 30 years; Scott as an executive leader in several local businesses and Julie as the Executive Director of the Northwest High Performance Enterprise Consortium (NWHPEC).  We are passionate about developing core skillsets in business excellence, continuous improvement, and human development.  Each of us bring special skills and experience to our client engagements. 

Scott is a skilled developer of organization vision, strategy development and deployment, and system design and structure.  Julie is a master coach in the cutting-edge approach of the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata (a pattern for daily improvement), which focuses on developing problem-solving skills and capabilities while achieving organization objectives. 

Over the last 30 years we have worked with and learned from some of the top leaders and consultants in the Pacific Northwest.  When beneficial to our clients, we reach out and tap into their support and experience.  Their deep knowledge and experience help to expand our capability and capacity.  Additionally, working in this manner, we broaden the solutions and activities within our engagement management team.

Pursuit of Excellence