Julie Simmons

Julie Simmons currently works with her husband Scott as part of the Scott Wade Simmons & Associates, LLC providing leadership coaching and training in Strategy Development and Deployment, Leadership Development, and the Improvement Kata & Coaching Kata.  Julie’s passion is helping others develop their skills, capabilities, and confidence to solve complex challenges in their organizations using scientific thinking.

Julie retired as the Executive Director for the Northwest High Performance Enterprise Consortium (NWHPEC) in January 2018 after leading the organization for fourteen years.  As the Executive Director, Julie was responsible for promoting the vision, mission, and purpose of the consortium within the Portland and Vancouver business area.  Her primary focus was: planning and organizing continuous improvement learning events, coordinating benchmarking and sharing between consortium members, and meeting the continuous improvement learning needs of the forty-plus member companies.  Julie Also provided daily mentoring and coaching to individual companies within the NWHPEC membership, as well as formal training and coaching in the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata.

Prior to joining NWHPEC in 2004, Julie worked at the The Boeing Company for 14 years as Flight Line Expeditor, Shortage Controller, Supply Chain Analyst, and Manufacturing Process Analyst.  She developed her skills as a Continuous Improvement practitioner while working as a Manufacturing Process Analyst where she became a Certified Accelerated Improvement Workshop leader and supported several Shingijutsu led Kaizen events.

In her spare time, Julie enjoys traveling to warm, sunny oceanic destinations, gardening, bicycle and motorcycle riding, playing Texas Hold’em, cooking for family and friends, and spending time with her husband Scott in all their shared hobbies.

Julie Simmons

Co-Founder, Scott Wade Simmons & Associates, LLC

E:  julie@csquaredv.com

P:  (503) 314-8868

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/julie-simmons-4b497520/