Terms and Definitions

Challenged, Creative, Valued

Creative Benefit
The benefit of engaging an entire organization on improving work processes through the C2V approach.

Business Improvement
Business System improvement activities build a competitive advantage for companies working deeper than Lean manufacturing or production system improvements.  These organizations are focused on improving the entire Business as a singular eco-system and not in silos.  Business Improvement demonstrates the positive impact on the organization’s finances, stakeholders, and profitable growth.

Continuous Improvement
The application of improvement tools generally to improve operations and manufacturing; synonymous with Lean. 

Lean was coined in the book, “The Machine That Changed the World” by Jones, Womack, and Shook where they referred to the Toyota Production System as a “Lean” production system far more successful than other auto manufacturers researched.

Improvement Kata & Coaching Kata
The Improvement Kata helps develop fundamental skills of working like a scientist.  The Learner iterates or experiments their way toward a desired goal, instead of deciding the way forward.  This way of thinking and working helps people successfully deal with uncertainty and challenges.  The Coaching Kata is a repeating routine to teach the pattern of the Improvement Kata.  The Coach gives the Learner procedural guidance, not solutions, helping the Learner successfully overcome obstacles and develop confidence in their own problem solving abilities.