Working with Julie has been critical in advancing our continuous improvement efforts. She is masterful at humble inquiry and fostering a culture of learning at all levels. Julie’s coaching has helped us embed scientific-thinking patterns necessary to improve and innovate. Our engagement with her has led to skill and mindset development in our people, and real results. We’ve seen a 330% increase in our discharge prescription program (while remaining budget-neutral) over a 10-month period.  This would not have been possible with our usual action-item approach. 

Pamela White, BS Pharm, Legacy Health Pharmacy Services


Scott and Julie have a deep breadth of knowledge and skills that can be utilized for nearly any business challenge or gap.  This ranges from strategic planning to improving process capabilities to problem solving methodologies to Coaching Kata.  I appreciate how easy they are to talk to and the skill with which they ask questions to ensure they really understand your problem or challenge.  They are great at understanding the current situation and helping create internal capability so organizations can thrive.   People really enjoy attending their training sessions and always walk away with a deeper understanding of the subject and the skills to apply it.  I love having Scott and Julie available as a resource to NWHPEC.

Jennifer Ayers, Executive Director, NWHPEC


I learned more about leadership from Scott Simmons in 2 years than I accumulated in my 35 years prior. He is a leader’s leader.

Eric Uppiano, President, Uppiano Group


Over the last 15 years both Scott and Julie have help me to succeed in several continuous improvement (CI) projects for multiple companies. Their leadership styles, wealth of knowledge in their prospective fields and network of top professionals  available for brainstorm have broadened my CI knowledge base and given me a full “toolbox” to use and share with others. Scott and Julie have been excellent coaches not only in the work place, but also in my personal life. Their passion for people to excel in all aspects of life is the driving force behind their work. I continue to work with Scott as a personal business coach and am fortunate to have the availability of Julie’s advice also.

Great People, Great Coaches, Great Friends.

Daniel Wright, General Manager, DART Aerospace